I read a short article on fonts and the fact that some fonts can be brilliant and enhance your understanding of text, while others can be completely inappropriate and are best avoided. It is thought these days that a person’s choice of font, whether it be for an invitation or a formal document is as important as a person’s dress sense or taste in music.

The site also gave examples of the few fonts that are appropriate for any occasion and widely used…and others that are best avoided at all costs which only cause confusion.

On my blog, there are 2 fonts that are used – 1 is a cursive writing type style for my heading which states my name straight across the middle of my blog so whoever accesses my blog page knows that is my name. The other font is used for all my posts and my menu headings. It is a bold type font that is very easy to read and easy on the eye. It looks clear and is not over the top.

I am unsure what the fonts are actually called as I cannot find the appropriate names and I am not sure how to find them on WordPress.

However, for my title which reads ‘maddybegg’ the font is like a cursive type font and I think it is rather cute and neat which adds some creativity to my title and doesn’t make it so mainstream and boring. My line of study is in public relations and media, some public relations companies are experts in events whether it be corporate or weddings and I think it is definitely an appropriate type font to have as a title for my blog. It is bit quirky, cute, looks neat and adds some softness to my page. I definitely think it is appropriate and would appeal to most people who viewed my blog. I want whoever visits my blog to look at my home page and think straight away how neat, and nicely kept it looks without losing its quirky style.

My other font is a more standard type of font and is present on my menu pages and all my blog posts. It is extremely neat and easy to read and I really like it. It is also quite formal. I think this is an appropriate font for my pages as when people go to read my posts the writing style is easy on the eye and easy to understand. I also like it as it is a bit different to just having the more journalistic font type – ‘Times New Roman’. Sometimes I think that font can be a bit dull and boring. I would say that the font used on all my blog posts, not for my banner headings, relates the most to the ‘Tahoma’ style font.

My next post will be my colour schemes for my blog and why I like the colours present on my home page.

Stay tuned…..


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